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One More Dance and Then

New Victory Band

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UK : £ 12
Europe: 14
World: £ 15

Track listing

  1. Harper’s Frolic/Bonny Kate (polkas)
  2. The Mountain Belle (schottische)
  3. You Can’t Take That On The Train (song)
  4. Charles Lynch’s/Cajun Waltz/Banks Of The Dee (waltzes)
  5. Pretty Little Girl From Nowhere (song)
  6. Nellie’s First Rag
  7. Robbie Hobkirk’s/Father’s (polkas)
  8. Mrs Grace Bowie/The Hogmanay (jigs)
  9. Mamie May (song)
  10. Moustache Blacked/Cornriggs (reels)
  11. One More Dance & Then (march)
  12. Long Long Trail (song)
  13. Plus Live Tracks
  14. The Busby (polka)
  15. Looking For A Partner (jig)
  16. It Ain’t All Honey & It Ain’t All Jam (song)
  17. Speed The Plough/Rochdale Coconut Dance/Britannia (Bacup)
  18. Coconut Dance (polkas)
  19. Ragged But Right (song)

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