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The Man in the Red Van

Pete Coe

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UK : £ 12
Europe: 14
World: £ 15


Pete Coe on banjo, melodeon, bouzouki, guitar & dulcimer
Plus David Crickmore on guitars & synth
Andy Peacock on drums
With a chorus from Chris Coe, Johnny Adams, Annie Dearman, Emma Crickmore, Mike & Helen Hockenhull, John Clough, Alan Rose & Lynda Hardcastle.

Track listing

  1. King Henry
  2. The Spanish Lady
  3. The Banks Of Red Roses
  4. Joseph Baker
  5. Farewell To The Brine
  6. The Walls Of Troy
  7. World Of Misery
  8. Jack Hall
  9. The Footboy
  10. Ash and Alder

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