A One-man Folk Industry

Pete Coe press photo high resolution
Photo: Judith Burrows

I’m now in my 46th year as a professional folk musician, and after a bit of a rest over the winter I’m out there playing again, up and down the country.

Click HERE for a summary of my gigs in Summer 2017, or go to my Tour Dates & Events page. I hope to see you somewhere along the road.

My new CD   “The man in the red van”   was launched on 10 May. Thanks to all the people who came along to the party – it was a great do with lots of music, singing, and dancing. Look at some photos HERE…

You can buy a copy from my DISCOGRAPHY page…

Photo courtesy BBC Radio Leeds

Click on this image to hear me sing “King Henry” from the CD, live on The Durbervilles Folk & Roots Show (courtesy BBC Radio Leeds).


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Pete Coe has had more than 50 years of music making on the English folk scene. His contributions include traditional song research, song writing in traditional style, the founding of several seminal bands, plus solo and duo performances, dance calling, recording, field research, local folk activism in Ryburn Three Step and teaching at various levels.

He was the founder member and visionary force behind three particularly ground breaking groups – The New Victory Band, Bandoggs and Red Shift – all of which brought something new to the folk scene.


EFDSS Gold Badge Award – On Wednesday 16 November Pete and Sue Coe received their Gold Badge awards from the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) presented by the Chair of the EFDSS Board, Alistair Anderson. READ MORE…….




Click on the festival name for the Youtube Shepley and Cheltenham Folk Festival performances.